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Regardless of your situation, Fusle security offers You peace of mind in a world full of unpleasent surprises.

Satu Mare; Baia Mare ; Viseu de Sus; Negresti Oas; Carei ; Tasnad ; Seini; Zalau; Oradea; Cluj Napoca; Marghita; Bucuresti.
Fusle security offers over the top professionalism and competitive prices it security services, quick interventions, VIP escorts, valuable transportation, alarm sistems, video survellance, agent education, gps fleet security, and access control.


We offer security related services and are available 24 hors in Romania

  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Public institutions
  • Factories
  • Deposits
  • Industrial Parks
  • Night Clubs
  • Coffee places
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Private residents


FUSLE SECURITY is one of the oldest security companies in the country, being founded in 1993. Almost two decades of experience, seriousity and services of the highest standards make Fusle Security a respected company with a stable clientbase.

Teamwork, like its name says, hard work and team effort is our way to maintain quality and the highest standards. We organize our activities with the help of cutting edge technology. Our slogan “The security of your family matters to us!” is backed up by testimonies of our client of the last 15 years.

From the very beginnning, FUSLE SECURITY was present in security business, Covering the entire country, offering a whole variety of services, such as: personal security services, monitoring and rapid interventions, technical installations (video survellance, alarm sistems, access control, fire alarms, etc.)

Fusle security has a modern schooling facility, and based upon the skill of our capable professional instructors, the number of our emplyess has grown to reach 100 people.